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Choosing the right type of parking sensors for your car can be confusing due to the vast amount of products on the market and the varying prices. When looking for parking sensors you should decide if you wish to go the cheapest route and have very basic sensors with a standard 1 year warranty or go for a premium kit that is high quality and comes with a full 3 year warranty.  DB Vehicle Electrics provide a very large range of quality sensors giving you the very best value for money and also giving you complete piece of mind with a full 3 year warranty. Many customers feel they need flush mount sensors but with our latest range of clip in sensors which are only raised from the bodywork by around 1 mm you can be assured your parking sensors installation will look outstanding.

We provide parking sensors for the front or rear of your vehicle giving you total protection at all times. Did you know parking sensors cost a lot less than the average bumper repair which makes it worth while having parking sensors installed before it's to late, no matter how much of a good driver you are in new vehicles it's hard to tell the distance of your bumper away from a fixed object.

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